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Why Every Business Needs a Website

Having a website is one of the most crucial investments you can make. Why? Let’s see!

In today’s digital age, a good website is everything. With the internet at our fingertips and a smorgasbord of choice, we will filter through endless options to find one we like. SMEs (" Small and Medium Enterprise") can take on the Goliath's at their own game with the magic of SEO ("Search Engine Optimisation") marketing and effective web content, but without a website, you’re not even in the race!

According to the Local Search Association’s report in 2017, 63% of consumers use websites to find and interact with businesses at first, with over 90% of these interactions starting with a search engine. You could be losing almost a third of your business by not having a website.

1. Tell consumers who you are and why they should care

People like stories. You need to design and construct the story of your business with complimenting aesthetics, values and web content. This becomes your brand and this is what people should invest in. A website is an almost limitless way to express your brand identity in fun and perhaps, unexpected ways. If you are big in the local community, post about it – go beyond business and consumers will want to support you.

Branding requires strategy and planning to be effective, so using an agency for guidance on best practice will be invaluable in getting you off to the best start.

Branding doesn’t stop at a logo – it barely begins with one.

2. Build consumer trust and industry credibility

Think about your consumer activity online: what is your immediate impression of a business without a website? Is it taking itself seriously or valuing its offering? Perhaps not – perception is everything.

It’s more common for a business to have a website than not, so if you don’t, this throws up questions right away. The website is the first place a consumer will go to check out a business’ credentials and reviews – if you’re not showing these, perhaps you don’t have any worth showing?

If your credibility is questionable, consumers are spoilt for choice and you have ruled out the chance to earn their loyalty. Understandably, it’s the SMEs that most succumb to these but what might seem like a hefty investment will do wonders for your business, brand and growth – trust us.

3. Be everywhere so more people see and come to you

They’re already looking for you!

We are constantly searching for what we need online via numerous devices, so the likelihood that someone is already searching for your services is high. Who’s getting their business? Well, no website = not you.

Make your services available for perusal from anywhere in the world, any time. The equivalent of handing out thousands of virtual business cards with zero tree fatalities. Traditional marketing techniques are worn, expensive and immeasurable – websites are an investment at first that can not only save you a lot of money but make it for you too.

According to The Score Association, around 97% of consumers search for their product and service needs online but only half of small businesses have websites.

4. Tracking tools mean ultimate growth acceleration

Websites come with the tools to measure, track and predict consumer behaviour; rather useful when strategising the future of your business.

If you can nail your content activity online (this is where employing an agency or service for help will inevitably pay for itself), you have the power to gain competitive advantage, regardless of your size. That’s the thing about search engine algorithms: if you master the input, you’ll be treated the same as the big guns.

Another nifty tool with websites is data collection for email marketing. Build a brand community and share updates with your new fans – if they liked you enough to sign up, capitalise on that for return business, some of our favourites are Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and Hubspot.

The even better news? With such a huge number of SMEs out of the website game, jumping in sooner rather than later will offer another advantage right off the bat.

Your website is your greatest marketing asset. There is no better way to help your customers find, use and love you - over and over again! You can book a free strategy session with us and we’ll be able to audit your business or current website and provide you with insights on how to improve your positioning.

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